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VRG Components
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VRG Components - 100%

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VRG Components - 100%

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VRG Components - 100%
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About VRG Components

As a woman-owned AS9120B/ISO 9001:2015 certified independent global distributor, VRG Components supplies the highest quality hard-to-find, end-of-life, highly allocated, and long lead time electronic components enabling customers to maintain manufacturing operations, bridge supply gaps, reduce costs, manage inventory, and speed time to market.

VRG Components has established an extensive, reliable, global electronic components distribution network that complements their clients' existing supply channels. Customers around the world turn to VRG Components to keep their supply chains intact, reduce carrying costs, minimize the effects of price increases or shortages, and achieve accuracy in cost planning.

VRG Components is a privately held company based in Charlotte, NC.

Industry:Transportation & Warehousing
Size:11 to 24 employees
Where We Work:Office|Hybrid
Headquarters:Charlotte, NC

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