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As a job candidate, you're not just evaluating the company—you're also seeking a workplace where your skills, talents, and aspirations can thrive. Employee engagement surveys are a tool used by many companies to measure employee satisfaction, identify organizational strengths & areas of improvement, increase transparency, and drive retention. Quantum Workplace is a leader in the employee engagement & performance industry and the engine behind Employee Voice Profiles. By reviewing a company’s engagement survey results you’re taking a data-driven approach to finding a work environment that prioritizes employee satisfaction along with personal and professional growth.

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My job gives me flexibility to meet the needs of both my work and personal life.

Thread - 100%

I understand how my job helps the organization achieve success.

Thread - 100%

I am proud to work here.

Thread - 100%

About Thread

Thread is on a mission to help build high-performance, high-culture companies. We know employees are at the core of every great business, and we want to help ensure their happiness and productivity through employment, education, and empowerment. We offer an award-winning, all-in-one, customizable, scaleable workforce management solution, supported by personal, boutique service by real people who get to know you and your unique business. Join our mission for a better workplace.

Industry:Professional, Scientific & Technical Services
Size:25 to 49 employees
Where We Work:Office|Remote|Hybrid
Headquarters:Alpharetta, GA

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