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As a job candidate, you're not just evaluating the company—you're also seeking a workplace where your skills, talents, and aspirations can thrive. Employee engagement surveys are a tool used by many companies to measure employee satisfaction, identify organizational strengths & areas of improvement, increase transparency, and drive retention. Quantum Workplace is a leader in the employee engagement & performance industry and the engine behind Employee Voice Profiles. By reviewing a company’s engagement survey results you’re taking a data-driven approach to finding a work environment that prioritizes employee satisfaction along with personal and professional growth.

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I am proud to work here.

PrideStaff - 100%

I have opportunities to learn new skills that will help me succeed.

PrideStaff - 100%

I trust this organization to be fair to all employees.

PrideStaff - 100%

About PrideStaff

PrideStaff was founded by George Rogers in 1978, with the aspiration to help people reach their personal and professional goals, assist job seekers in finding meaningful work and provide businesses the workforce resources necessary to succeed. He held steadfast to his values and set forth to accomplish his vision with an emphasis on service excellence. These principles are the foundational pillars upon which PrideStaff has grown and thrived in the staffing industry. It was imperative to George that PrideStaff maintain the same level of personalized care, commitment to our core values, and devotion to our mission; even as it continues to expand across the United States. George developed an unwavering culture and a national brand that distinguishes itself from competitors through world-class experiences. It is this very spirit and dedication to impactful, specialized service that we carry on his legacy.

Industry:Other Services
Size:100 to 249 employees
Where We Work:Office|Remote|Hybrid
Headquarters:Fresno, CA

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