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GoHypersonic Inc.
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The senior leaders of this organization demonstrate integrity.

GoHypersonic Inc. - 100%

I feel accepted by my immediate coworkers.

GoHypersonic Inc. - 100%

My job gives me flexibility to meet the needs of both my work and personal life.

GoHypersonic Inc. - 93%

About GoHypersonic Inc.

GoHypersonic Inc. specializes in the research and design of advanced hypersonic vehicles and propulsion systems for the Department of Defense (DoD) and the U.S. aerospace community. We are a fully integrated organization with an engineering team producing designs, a fully equipped shop producing prototypes, and two high-speed wind tunnel to conduct experiments.

GoHypersonic Inc. (GHI) is headquartered in Dayton, OH. GHI's mission is to become a vertically integrated innovator of hypersonics technologies to ensure the defense of our country. It is our collective vision to develop one to two unique military systems and complete four to six flight tests with those technologies over the next few years. GHI's current research programs primarily include the study of hypersonic propulsion-airframe integration and scramjet engine development. Much of our work revolves around the development of engine and vehicle designs from a flowline and structural perspective. GHI is an essential part of the U.S. hypersonic research community and our goals are to help achieve reliable, affordable, and highly capable hypersonic flight vehicle solutions.

We have a company culture of excellence, passion, and self-reliance, and have a growing team with strong expertise within the hypersonic vehicle design and testing community. GHI's values are connected to leading our industry in technical progress but also in benefits, work-life balance, and the culture we provide for our employees and their families. We value our strong team dynamics with diverse extracurricular activities and shared enthusiasm in both technical and non-technical hobbies and interests. We consider the social impact of our work locally and beyond. We use environmental impacts as criteria in all our decision making. Our ability to work together will shape a more just future in service of the common good and to advance the human condition.

Industry:Other services
Size:25 to 49 employees
Where We Work:Office|Hybrid
Headquarters:Dayton, OH

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