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BluPrint Oncology
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Employee Survey Category & Questions

The people I work with treat each other with respect.

BluPrint Oncology - 98%

The senior leaders of this organization demonstrate integrity.

BluPrint Oncology - 98%

I believe this organization will be successful in the future.

BluPrint Oncology - 95%

About BluPrint Oncology

BluPrint Oncology Concepts is a medical strategy and communications company specializing in oncology and hematology. What sets us apart? We are passionate about your story - from the podium at ASCO to the reaches of Facebook, our mission is to identify the story that resonates with your audiences and the best way to tell it.

Our expertise and advisors in hematology and oncology give us the right perspective as we formulate your story, and our years of experience working across pharma and biotech allow us to come to the table with many ideas of what success means. Additionally, our utilization of new media means we can keep your message relevant.

We have experience in telling cancer treatment stories from some of the earliest chemotherapies to the novel approach of harnessing the immune system. Let us turn your data into the best story.

Industry:Healthcare & Social Assistance
Size:50 to 99 employees
Where We Work:Remote
Headquarters:Roswell, GA

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